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Myers Bigel is pleased to announce Jen Gorlach has joined the firm’s award-winning legal team as a Technical Specialist with the firm’s chemical a biotechnology practice group.

Prior to joining Myers Bigel, Jen spent over 20 years as an Intellectual Property Consultant drafting drawings and sequence listings, and Technical Advisor and Specialist.

Jen received her B.S. in Biology from Kansas State University, her M.S. in Plant Biology from Utah State University, and her Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from Michigan State University.

She joins a team of attorneys and patent agents emphasizing patent procurement in practice areas including electronics/computer, mechanical, trademark, chemical and biotechnology. The firm’s experience with domestic and international patents is vast, having successfully filed in practically every country in the world, drafting quality patents that cover the full scope of an invention and stand up to courtroom challenges.

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