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Quality Control

Quality patents that stand up to scrutiny.

Since its inception, our patent law firm in Raleigh NC has had a mandatory quality control procedure that applies to all attorneys, regardless of experience level. The quality control procedure applies to all Patent Office filings, opinion letters and litigation filings. The quality control procedure requires thorough substantive review by a partner in the relevant practice group. Heightened review is provided for opinion letters. This quality control process ensures consistent, top-quality work, and can provide cost efficient reuse of technical knowledge and practices.

Well-respected, independent third-party organizations across the country continually recognize Myers Bigel as leading the field in the quality of patents for our clients. Our continuity of counsel, broad expertise, and unwavering focus on drafting quality patents that cover the full scope of an invention and stand up to courtroom challenges differentiates our patent law firm in Raleigh NC from the many patent mills and expensive ‘big box’ firms around the country.

Our knowledgeable patent law experts understand that if a claim is written too narrowly, it will be difficult to successfully enforce it when challenged. Because our lawyers have technology backgrounds in the same market spaces as our clients, they can better relate to inventors and fully comprehend the nuances of each patent application they are developing or patents that they are litigating.


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