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About the Firm

High Quality, Value Added

The attractive quality of life and low cost of living in the Research Triangle region of North Carolina allows Myers Bigel to attract and keep some of the best legal talent in the country, while keeping overhead costs much lower than firms located in expensive major metropolitan areas. As a result, our clients have access to experienced patent attorneys producing and enforcing top-quality patents, with billing rates dramatically lower than big city competitors and well below the national average.

Our knowledgeable, vibrant team of patent attorneys in Raleigh NC has degreed technical experience. We successfully acquire, protect, enforce and defend patent assets and intellectual property in a variety of fields, including biotechnology, chemistry, electronics and computing, mechanical, and trademarks. Some of the longtime patent attorneys at Myers Bigel with over 25 years quality experience feature billing rates equal with that of an inexperienced associate at larger big city firms, with proven patent law work that stacks up against any law firm in the country.

Firm Structure

A Different Kind of Patent Law Firm

A law firm’s internal structure can have a profound effect on the firm’s clients and attorneys. A conventional law firm is typically organized as a leveraged structure, as seen in the figure on the left. In a conventional firm, a small number of senior partners are responsible for bringing in work (”rainmaking”) and delegating this work to a larger number of junior partners and a much larger number of associates to do the work.

All the patent attorneys at Myers Bigel are substantive working lawyers, something unheard of at traditional leveraged law firms. We have a unique structure at Myers Bigel, which is organized as an inverted pyramid as seen in the figure on the right without dedicated “rain makers” passing-off new work to inexperienced attorneys. The same experienced, dedicated patent attorneys who begin working with a client at Myers Bigel continue to apply their experience to the nuts and bolts of the patent development, filing and approval process. Work can be performed for clients at a high level of expertise, but at a low level of cost, because the overhead of the “unproductive partner” is not present.


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