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Patent Bots Ranks Myers Bigel Biotechnology, Organic Chemistry Patents in Top 10 for Quality

Myers Bigel has been ranked #7 out of 99 firms in a recent Patent Bots Quality Scores report.  The ranking reflects scores for quality in issued patents in biotechnology and organic chemistry for the year ending March 31, 2020.  “The talented practitioners in our biotechnology and chemical practice groups are very focused on quality, leveraging their scientific and technological backgrounds as well as legal experience in successfully acquiring, protecting, and exploiting patent assets,” said Jim Cannon, managing partner of the firm.


Patent Bots examined 124 biotechnology and organic chemistry patents issued by Myers Bigel for the ranking, which is almost double the number of patents issued by the number one ranked firm and the third highest number in the top ten. Patent Bots provides essential tools for patent prosecution such as automated proofreading services for new patent applications and office action responses to catch antecedent basis, lack of claim support, and other errors. More details about the rankings can be found online at

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