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Myers Bigel Lends Expertise to Legal Community Events in April

Myers Bigel is supporting numerous events within the greater Triangle legal community this month with the active participation of several members of the firm’s talented legal team.

They include Sridevi Basavaraju, David Beatty, Alice Bonnen, Ph.D., Sherry Murphy and Shawna Cannon Lemon, Ph.D. along with patent paralegal Betty-Lou Medlin.

“The Triangle legal community is active and growing and it’s important for our talented legal team to remain engaged, provide leadership, and share expertise,” said Managing Partner David Purks.

The events include the AgBiotech Professional Forum held at the NC Biotech Center April 8; Campbell Law School’s Patent Law Symposium April 10; World IP Day at the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics (NCSSM) April 15; and the 2015 Intellectual Property Institute for Paralegals April 30.

Sridevi Basavaraju and Shawna Lemon helped lead an invention challenge competition at NCSSM, a residential high school where students study a specialized curriculum emphasizing science and mathematics, with Murphy also participating in the Patent Law Symposium as a panelist discussing patentable subject matter and recent Supreme Court activity. She will go on to join Betty-Lou Medlin on a patent breakout panel at the April 30 Intellectual Property Institute for Paralegals discussing pharmaceutical patenting strategies and bringing drugs to market.

“It is currently a challenging time for patent prosecution where many patent attorneys struggle to address the issues raised by recent court decisions and interim USPTO guidance regarding patent subject matter eligibility,” Dr. Lemon explained, adding that what can or cannot be patented has become less clear.

Dr. Lemon joins Dr. Bonnen and Murphy in the Myers Bigel Biotechnology group, while Basavaraju is part of the firm’s substantial Electronics/Computer group. Other active practice groups at Myers Bigel include Chemical, Litigation and Trademark, all consisting of practicing patent attorneys with experience and skills focused on helping large and small corporate and university clients alike in acquiring, protecting and exploiting patent assets.

The firm’s serious investment in high-quality talent and encouragement for them to remain active in the legal community and pursue continuing education contributes to a supportive environment for clients and one another. The extraordinarily low turnover of attorneys at Myers Bigel enables clients to work with the same attorney familiar with their specific technology or science and individual business throughout the full length of the patent development, filing and grant process.

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