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Myers Bigel Attorney Presents Webinar on Third Party Submissions

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Sherry L. Murphy, an attorney in Myers Bigel’s biotechnology and chemical patent practice group, will be presenting a 1.5 hour CLE webinar for LawReviewCLE on April 24, 2013, entitled: “Patenting in the Age of Crowdsourcing: An Expanded Opportunity for Third Party Participation.” In this age of crowdsourcing and internet participation, new laws and programs are allowing the public to participate in the patenting process more than ever before. We will explore the expansion of opportunities for third party participation in patent prosecution in the United States under the America Invents Act, as well as compare the existing process in Europe and the new third party observations allowable in international applications under the Patent Cooperation Treaty. We cover the requirements for submissions and explore strategic questions to consider on whether to take advantage of these new programs.

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