About Myers Bigel’s Litigation Practice

An ever-changing intellectual property landscape calls for attorneys who understand a client’s business objectives and technology and are committed to developing comprehensive strategies for effective resolution. The attorneys in Myers Bigel’s Litigation Practice handle each intellectual property dispute in an efficient and cost-effective manner, utilizing a wealth of practical experience with district court litigation, licensing, mediation, International Trade Commission proceedings, post grant proceedings before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board, and trademark proceedings before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board.

The spectrum of approaches we utilize to successfully resolve disputes is extensive and varies depending on the matter.  In developing an appropriate approach, we carefully listen to the business objectives of our clients and understand their underlying technology.  Our litigation practice employs varying approaches such as negotiating a prompt resolution, tactical discovery and dispositive motions, licensing, post-grant patent proceedings, and litigating through trial.  We appreciate that litigation costs really do matter, and we seek to resolve disputed matters using approaches that maximize the return to the client with appropriate consideration of the costs and risks associated with each matter.  Myers Bigel’s Litigation attorneys have both enforced intellectual property rights and defended clients against allegations of intellectual property infringement.

All of Myers Bigel Litigation attorneys are registered to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and boast significant prior real-world industry experience that allows us to successfully interact with and counsel both the technical staff and the management of our clients.  Our litigation attorneys have spent the vast majority of their careers resolving intellectual property disputes, including patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret and unfair competition matters.

Every attorney in Myers Bigel’s Litigation practice is a substantive working litigation attorney. We staff our cases efficiently, and the same experienced, dedicated attorneys who begin working with a client on a contested matter at Myers Bigel continue to apply their experience through the resolution of the dispute.  We believe that such a structure is especially suited to the delivery of intellectual property litigation services, bringing responsibility and accountability to a level where substantive legal work is performed, and provides a robust team that is not dependent on the skills or knowledge of a few.

Value Added

Myers Bigel’s Litigation practice is founded on a conviction that resolving patent and intellectual property disputes should be performed by attorneys having a depth of technical and legal experience.  We are committed to providing the highest quality litigation services and to adding value to our clients’ business.  Most of Myers Bigel’s Litigation attorneys have prior experience practicing at major-metropolitan firms, but enjoy the ability to efficiently resolve disputes in an environment that is not tied to the high overhead, high billing rate model of big-city firms.

Litigation Attorneys

The primary attorneys in Myers Bigel’s Litigation group include:

D. Randal Ayers

Anthony P. DeRosa



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