The attorneys in our Biotechnology group have years of technical training, advanced science degrees, and extensive legal experience in a broad range of biological and biochemical technologies, including personalized medicine, molecular biology, genomics, proteomics, immunology, vaccines, combinatorial chemistry, agricultural biotechnology, bioinformatics, diagnostics, biomarkers, gene therapy, engineered tissues, cell compositions, therapeutics, food science and biomechanical inventions.

In addition to patent preparation, prosecution and opinion work, our attorneys counsel many clients on issues related to start-up and spin-off companies, technology transfers and collaborations between university and industry, and patent litigation, and are active in a number of leading legal and biotechnological industry organizations.

Erin R. Bobay

Alice M. Bonnen

Mary L. Miller

Sherry L. Murphy

Lesley Pasman

Robert A. Schwartzman

Hee Jin Kwak





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